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Grindstone Financial Group presents itself on two fronts to the insuring public…as a means to perpetuate the independent agent of Maine and as a “Pass-Through” to direct clients and prospective clients to its participants.

Every day, we hear more and more about the “mega” company…the one you see on your television but never see face to face (just where is Aisle 4 anyway?). They are the Direct Writers of the insurance industry. Hundreds of millions of dollars are spent each year on advertising by these companies to lure the public to their products. But when it comes time to have a face-to-face, sit down discussion with someone over your particular problem or claim, who do you go to? Where do you find them? Can you read their facial expressions over a long distance phone line or on an internet e-mail?

This is why the independent agent is in or near your community. They know the ‘lay of the land’, the history of your town, family members and friends alike. They invest in your communities and keep your dollars local, not in a state halfway across America. They sponsor your Little League teams, the local Boy and Girl Scout troops. They advertise in your local newspaper, participate in community affairs and belong to your community affiliations. In short, they are where you are. Responsive, caring and concerned members of the local community.

Grindstone agents maintain their independence. There is no ownership transfer when an agency joins the group. Decisions are made locally, not in the “head office” somewhere else. By combining our business resources, our knowledge and talents, we present a unified and strengthened approach to the insurance carriers we represent.

To find an agent near your home or business, check out our family of Grindstone participants in the right margin. Click on any one of them to see their website. You will find all their contact information right there, but if you’d like Grindstone to help you make the best choice, just give us a call 207.502.2282 or email us. 

For Maine agents interested in exploring a relationship with Maine people that have a time-tested record of achievement, contact us.

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